Monthly Archives: June 2009

Culture Slut: Race in the Age of Obama

There is a specter haunting San Francisco. Until recently, a clear and incontrovertible rule had been justly respected: female-gendered African-Americans between the ages of 30-45, and male-gendered Orientals (jovial appellation, not racism) between the ages of 45-60 years retained an unmitigated monopoly on the Bay Area’s bus driving circuit. It rests exclusively within the province […]

Art Slut: Spreadsheet Quilting

M ore and more people have begun intricately coloring Excel spreadsheets, projecting them onto old drive-through screens, and attempting to turn Bill Gates’ monopolistic outrage into a radical liberal art medium. A group of self-described “proto-garde minimalist perimeters”, now living in Berlin, after a requisite 4 year stay in Williamsberg, are taking credit for spawning what they claim […]