Culture Slut: The Children of Amaterasu

Posted by on July 8, 2009 at 7:49 pm.


he excellent VBS documentary Genki and The Art of Eel Porn, following Shane Smith in the streets of Kabukich?, was a catalyst in the thought process behind the creation of FTVS. It was the signal we had been waiting for. It was our piece of toast. The unambiguous sign assuring us that somewhere on this planet, dedicated individuals did not lose hope in their humanity and were willing to explore its most intimate corners. From there on it has been a perpetual quest to find such zealous devotees of Mankind, and not so surprisingly, our latest discovery also came from the land of Amaterasu. Bizarre magazine has more on this much needed haute couture faux-tumor craze.

FTVS is thankful for the normalcy and balance that dawns on the world from the land of the rising sun. The equanimity of our Nipponese friendlies brings perpetual light to the darker crevaces of humanity.

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