Monthly Archives: September 2009

Movie Slut: Another 48 Hours II

The indefatigable Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy are the seminal miniaturists who lay the tender, inviting foundation of modern democracy and theology. FTVS was pleased to see them perusing cocks and breasts large and small at the Folsom Street Fair. The duo’s film, 48 Hours, is the finest moving picture of all time – it […]

Culture Slut: FTVS Exclusive Photo Coverage of the Folsom Street Fair 2009

Editors’ note: The following photographs meticulously document the proceedings of the Folsom Street Fair 2009 in San Francisco. What sets FTVS apart from the rest of the world media is its disciplined attitude towards groundbreaking and truthful coverage which, in many cases, involves the display of multifold penises. For this reason, we must warn our […]

Culture Slut: FTVS Exclusive Coverage of the Folsom Street Fair

Dearest readers, It is no secret that FTVS is a harbinger of etiquette and calculus. Scouring the global earth for narratives of incision and firmness, the FTVS team will do anything to ensure the barometer of journalistic integrity is routinely exploded. Like an orgasm, but with extreme prejudice and pleasure. It is with this lawful […]

Food Slut: ROSCOE’s 1/4 Bird Smothered with Gravy & Onions, 2 Waffles = the FTVS Mix

West Hollywood is the last bastion of geometric tastefulness in this transvestite of a world. It is FTVS’s place of comfort when we occasionally lose sight of the profundity of our existence. Roscoe’s House of Chicken’ n Waffles, flanked on Gower between Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard, is one of the four (4) places in Los […]

Music Slut: Keep it Sexual and Perhaps Tenderly Percuss a Woman

Many musicians have died lately. So did Bodhi. What is the lesson to be taken from these premature terminations? Who gives a fecal shit, because the future of music is more coruscating than a Somnambulist’s imbrued cod-hole (synonym for vagina with girth, which is ironically, very unbright, most likely; ethnography required for tautological substantiation). FTVS […]