Monthly Archives: February 2010

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 7th Edition – Deniz Kurtel

Readers, this interview tested the extreme limits of lust and erotogenic mutuality. While our readership has come to expect nothing less than the most groundbreaking catechisms and inquests from the brilliant yet seductive FTVS staff, we surprised even ourselves with this dialogue, entering a previously unattainable arena of sexuality and theology. The hedonic, erotic connection […]

Party Slut: RebelRave or Die

As any al-Qaeda operative will tell you, an endorsement from FTVS is more influential than Allah’s consent and seventy two (72) unsullied virgins. FTVS does not endorse al-Qaeda but does genitally and theologically endorse the upcoming RebelRave event in San Francisco on February 26, and perhaps also in Los Angeles the proceeding eve. Even the […]

TV Slut: Megwin TchiBi

The astute reader remembers FTVS’s avant-garde coverage of the bizarre yet sublime art of inflating various organs of the body with saline injections. The same reader remembers our constantly renewed admiration for all things Nippon, particularly when it involves vaginal play with serpentine sea creatures. Will the Nipponese ever cease to dazzle our pale-colored round-eyes? Will […]

Q&A Slut: Is It Acceptable to (Not) Masturbate on an Airplane?

Thoughtful readers, what is the more benevolent of Fortuna’s gifts? A) Providing mankind with the ability to practice the art of flight via airplane or B) Providing humanity with the capacity to fondle the erogenous musculars and spelunk the coital caverns? In other words, mankind is able to fly, and mankind is able to she-bop […]

Party Slut: This Weekend in Color

Times are tough dear readers, and choosing a party is tougher. But if you feel like times couldn’t be worse, gain some fucking perspective — had the Nazis won the war, you’d most likely be dancing the Sprachinseltänze or Bandltanz with a star on your sleeve to Hofbräuhaus Electro at das Avalon  this Friday night. Instead, thanks […]

PSA Slut (1967 Edition): LSD-25 Friend or Foe?

The greatest doctor once said “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” FTVS staff, on the other hand, jovially advocates for the golden quartet; it usually and perhaps always contributes to the procreation of groundbreaking FTVS content. Can you imagine what would become of the […]