FTVS ESSENSUAL MIX, Second (2) Edition: Max Cooper

Posted by on April 12, 2010 at 7:33 pm.

At last we present you with the second installment of our countably infinite series of Essensual Mixes. This sequelized and heavily sexualized edition features the heir to Horkheimer, Max Cooper. The connection between Mr. Cooper and Fortuna is strong, if not obvious, like Michael Jackson and Macualay Culkin in the tub perhaps.

No one since the great Iannis Xenakis and the uber-sexual Deniz Kurtel has demonstrated the neuronal ingenuity necessary to span the basis of musical theology in such a linear and erogenous fashion. Recent Traum releases such as the Harmonish Serie, Stochastic Serie, and Chaotish Serie were purely deflowering if not entirely academic — in the sense that a professor has sex with his undergraduate students.

As this concoction evidences, Max is also a capable jockey of the disc; but enough of us, let Dr. Cooper himself do the descriptive:

This is a sonic representation of midgets on wheels suffering the obtrusive consequences of Goliath on heat, a coming together which can only occur with a careful oiling of musical progression. The lewd intrusion takes the audience and participants to unseen nooks and crannies of musical anatomy, as genres are split and sealed in a manner that breaks any idealistic laws of how a mix should be done.

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  1. Max Richter – Horizon Variations (FatCat)
  2. Noisa – Machine Gun – Amon Tobin Remix (Vision)
  3. Jay Shepheard – Add Arp (Retrofit)
  4. Slam – Azure – Radioslave Remix (Soma) – Max Cooper Edit
  5. Hot Chip – I Feel Better – Max Cooper Remix (TBC)
  6. Butch – Reshef – Gow Remix (Trapez Ltd)
  7. Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie – Reset Robot Remix (Traum)
  8. Mijail & Victor Vera – Jungler – Loko Remix (Darkside Digital) – Max Cooper Edit
  9. Barem – Heyday – Ronan Portela Remix (Foundsound Records)
  10. Fabian Schumann & Black Vel – Rafael (Mangue)
  11. Dyno – Risvegli – Max Cooper Remix (Hell Yeah)
  12. Andre Kraml – Safari – James Holden Remix (Crosstown Rebels)
  13. Olivier Giacomotto – Gone Hunting (Definitive) – Max Cooper Edit
  14. Max Cooper – Ediolic Spectra (TBC)
  15. Stephan Bodzin – Vendetta (Herzblut)
  16. Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie (Traum)
  17. King Roc – The Beginning (Process)
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  • Aron says:

    The first 10 minutes make up one of teh coolest intros I have heard in a long time

    Good choice with Max Cooper he is definitely on the up, it would be great to see him live.

  • tucker says:

    i’d suck max’s pussy

  • eatdonuts says:

    This is a fantastic mix. Is Max Cooper playing at DEMF or MUTEK?

  • He’s playing a bit in my pants. Or is that me while I listen to this mix?

  • M. Minkoff says:

    I thought it impossible to duplicate the pornographic excesses that occurred without warning during my listening of the Essensual Mix (i.e. Essensual Mix, Vol. 1 DROOG). For me, that was the pinnacle of coital achievement.

    In this, I demonstrated my naiveté.

    From this second installment (i.e. Essensual Mix, Vol. 2 Max Cooper), the level of sexual theology and geometry achieved, led to acts that can only be defined as ‘hedonistic decadence’ (an oxymoron). The climax was so earth shattering, it has prompted me to consider quite earnestly a new area of academic inquiry: Seisorgasmology, or the study of the earth-quaking orgasm. My vagina functions as an incredibly robust seismograph.

  • M. Minkoff says:

    A/N: Regarding my initial comment, more theologically astute readers will likely understand that the phrase following my statement “hedonistic decadance” should actually read (a redundancy) NOT (an oxymoron).

    Please accept my most sincere apologies for such a grossly profane linguistic error. As you know, none are infallible.

  • Jack Colt says:

    @M. Minkoff: Glad to hear that, our IT team was about to block your IP address.

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