FTVS ESSENSUAL MIX, Third (3) Edition: Mr. C

Posted by on May 11, 2010 at 12:24 pm.

Readers, rather than letting FTVS do the talking, we will now do what Noam Chomsky should have done in 1971: we will shut the fuck up and let the Michel Foucault of electronic music say his piece.

Dearest Eezer, please share with us your most intoxicating and intoxicated story involving the sweet narcotics and the sweet babies.

Do the narcotics and the babies have to come together? When I’m on narcotics and don’t really like jelly babies or any other candies come to think of it. And now I’m trying to think of narcotics that are sweet. Hmmmmmm?

However, there’s a guy in the place with a bitter sweet face and he goes by the name of Ebeneezer Goode. You wouldn’t want him standing behind you in a sweaty dark room though.

Do you regularly consult the cabal of Lotharios on 4four for advice on a) how to sex up the finest women b) how to become a fortuitous disc jockey c) how to travel the world and get paid to make vaginas dance? FTVS has not learned this from 4four, but has learned that soggy crackers is a very popular game with the site’s regular users.

I do regularly consult those said Lotharios. It’s a bit like listening to your Mom or your wife though, you always do the opposite to what you’ve been told.

So, A) I think most of them are virgins, or just not that proud of their other halves so generally offer little in the way of any decent advice on the fairer sex. B) There are actually a few fortuitous DJs that frequent 4four, but it’s mostly full of keyboard warriors who have never munched carpet or have anchovy on their pizzas, which clearly renders any advice completely irrelevant. C) See answer B.

I’ve also heard that Soggy Crackers is popular game in the cyber world of Lotharioland, they definitely don’t play crispy biscuits and their eye sights are going awry …. Bless!

FTVS is aware that you began observing the housing market at just the time the housing market crashed. Which economist most informs your purchasing decisions? Are you a genius entrepreneur and is the Fed consulting you?

It was actually a year after the market crashed we began observing, when the market hit it’s low, don’t you just love synchronicity? The £ had momentarily jumped back up to $1.64 from $1.45 when I transferred funds across and now it’s plummeted back to $1.45, all the luck of the Devil of course. It’s the wife that informs me of my purchasing decisions (well her purchasing decisions actually) and bloody fine decisions they are too as she does indeed wear the trousers in our house (which is great as I get to wear the skirt). Yes I’m a genius, yes I’m an entrepreneur but never in the same sentence and yes I think I’m Billy Big Balls (or was that Charlie Cohones)? Do you know who I think I am? And yes I have the Fed as my personal consultants. I can get them to consult for you for way less than half price, maybe even for free, but you have to do them, well, special favors.

Tell us about your relationship with our dear friend Francis “Big Frankie” Harris. Has he told you about the whale cock? FTVS fears his production output has decreased because he now spends too much time reading our website. This is completely understandable.

You gotta love “Big Frankie”. He’s probably my best pal in the whole wide world. Verga (spanish for Whale Cock) is one (1) of my favorite words. A famous philosopher once wrote “Esta la Verga Güey”. In fact I like Vergota even more as it’s simply that much greater. Also, I think Big Franks production output has increased hasn’t it, obviously inspired by the wisdom of that fortunate yet violently loose woman … the slut!

Tell us about Los Angeles. Is it treating you as it should? Are you still seeking to become an actor? Have you had any success? FTVS is making a movie about FTVS, titled “The Greatest Generation”. Come sit on the casting couch but don’t forget your mouth guard.

I love my new home city, it’s so laid back (well laid) and everyone is so friendly (when verga munching which I’m told is a delicacy). It looks like I may have nailed a Superfreq residency in Hollywood which will be an after hours, as well as our monthly Tuesday, Super Disco Freq at Short Stop in Echo Park, will know in the next few days about the after hours so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Yes, I’m still seeking to become an actor although settling in to Los Angeles is my first priority. The only success I’ve had has been getting cast in a very cool UK movie, great supporting role too so I’m stoked about that, again more info when it’s actually happening as in the movie industry, it may simply not happen any time soon, but now the summers coming I’ll be spending more weekends in L.A (if we confirm the after hours) meaning more time in L.A in general, so it’s now time to start networking now that I’ve found my feet a little in town.

The FTVS movie, I’d love to come sit on your casting couch but the mouth guard won’t be at all necessary and I give great auditions! More tea vicar?

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  1. Dexter Wansal – Life on Mars – Philadelphia International Records
  2. Canson – Sued – City Fox Ltd
  3. Deniz Kurtel – Yeah (Jamie Jones Shower Curtain remix)- Crosstownrebels records.
  4. Andomat3000 – Beatroot – Highrade Records
  5. Pawel – Dawn – Dial Records
  6. Room 10 – Los Gritos – Metroline Ltd
  7. Semtek – Bells – Don’t Be Afraid Records
  8. Pantha Du Prince – Stick to my side (efdemin version) – Rough Trade Records
  9. DJ Jus-Ed v DJ QU – All across the floor – UQ Records
  10. Moody Man – Freaky MF – KDJ records
  11. Raza – After Death – Coloured
  12. Read Truth – Evidence – RWL records
  13. Liz Torres – I can’t get enough – State Street Records
  14. Audion – Push – Spectral Sound Records
  15. Alex O Smith – Kosmos 1402 – Omars Detroit
  16. Divine – Native love – O Records
  17. Cerone – Supernature – Malligator Records
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  • Daren dem2 says:

    Nice one Richard…lISTERN I COME TO LA a couple of times a year and would love to hook up mate when I am over…

    Will keep in touch …Loving the opener Mr Dexter…Bring on the electric funkkkkkk……

    Nice one richard


  • minski says:

    Hi Richard Michel C

    Really enjoying this mix – very cool – loving the ’80s and LA vibes.

    Love Minski x

  • paul says:

    richard like it. who’s loveing the SUN 😉 all the best from auld reekie

  • Raketa says:

    tracklisting is missing a disco re-edit between 1 and 2, who can id the song??

  • AliB says:

    yes please track listing disco redit 1 & 2…twisting my melon trying to id it…used to get played out a lot as a northern soul newie I think

  • dj y says:

    The track is Glow by Lee Curtis

  • Karl says:

    track 2 is Lee Curtis with ‘The Glow’

  • Guter Beitrag, es fehlen lediglich Bilder! :p

  • Chazzy Fresh says:

    FTVS – my hard drive crashed last year and with it I lost my most valued treasure: Vols 1, 2, & 3 (along with the bound-to-end-up-in-a-museum-somewhere album covers). I know… THE HORROR! Trying to download these again, but was sad to find that only Vol 2 is still download-able and (*sigh*) all of the album art is no longer. How can I get my hands on these again so that my ear drums can re-experience the musical foreplay? Cheers!

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