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Paul Valery wrote Les opinions des personnes qui n’ont pas refait leur esprit selon leurs besoins réels et leurs pouvoirs vérifiables — n’ont aucune importance qualitative. His aphorism captures the will of FTVS (an acronym) to bring to the masses quality, informed, and unapologetic reflections and commentaries on the state, potential state, and future state of the world.

The forecasted cultural impact of this enterprise, FTVS, currently hovers somewhere between The Lion King and Gedanken über Tod und Unsterblichkeit. The themes are universal, like Elton John, and will be unpacked through musings of chlamydia trachomatis, Karl Marx, plus other things. The title, FTVS, is a subaqueous literary reference that will probably be understood by no one, other than the millions of people that have read the book from which our contemplative bateau of musings draws its erleuchtung. Pretension has no place in this domain, though all contributors are committed liars. Also, a quick search has revealed that an expedient and effective method of feigning intelligence can be achieved by referencing terms in foreign languages. Accordingly, profiter du savoir du grand pénis!

FTVS is Bob Albatross, Kip Penn, and Jack Colt. Three (3) educated young men currently residing in the USA who spent the last three years actively studying the human condition by living and traveling together. We have occasionally fornicated with each other’s women.

FTVS welcomes contributions from interested readers. Submissions are internally peer reviewed, and upon unlikely acceptance, posted on FTVS. Note however, due to the large volume of fan mail FTVS might not reply to you. Send all materials to:

post [at] fortunathatviciousslut.org


Eat dog, not cat. Photo: Jack Colt, Canberra 2005.

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