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Music Slut: Sven Vath, An Ethical Man Part Two

Sven Vath once again evidences his didactic fearlessness with an homage to theology. So majestic, Sven’s piquancy implies he may be MC Hammer‘s bi-amative second cousin. FTVS will soon transmit an epistle to our hero of geometry with a forthright offer to wet-nurse his toes and sniff his bum. Despite his contributions to the Reich […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 2nd Edition — Little Mike

Little Mike is the most revered man in the Berlin house and techno scene. While that guy at Beatportal continues to fellate the most unexceptional DJs and producers in Berlin, FTVS gains access to the man that is known as the Ronald Reagan of techno. [Editor’s note: please do not comment on how clever this […]