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Music Slut: Happy Holidays from FTVS

Readers, it is no mystery that Christmas is a time to make love to your family and share genitive sensations with those closest to you. It is a time to stoke and stroke not only your genitals and vaginals, but also your mind and marbles. And because FTVS considers you all to be parts of […]

Music Slut: Sven Vath, An Ethical Man

The utility of electronical music does not rest exclusively in its raison d’être as a potent amplifier of self-dosed synthetic and organic molecular treatments. An exigent ambition of the techno sonata is the  proto-pseudonymous role it plays in helping certain members of society incise a firm, athletic epistemology. Sven Vath demonstrates: Based on the evidence […]

Music Slut: German Techno Beards > French Electro Moustaches

The minimal techno craze has not gone unnoticed by the cultural sentinels of FTVS. While today’s frat boy and sorority girl youth are not alright, overdosing and date raping to a NuNRG/electro (yes, extensive groundbreaking research conducted by IRCLA concludes they are analogous) soundtrack, the kids shall soon recuperate and succumb to Germany’s Herzhaft offerings. […]

Art Slut: Spreadsheet Quilting

M ore and more people have begun intricately coloring Excel spreadsheets, projecting them onto old drive-through screens, and attempting to turn Bill Gates’ monopolistic outrage into a radical liberal art medium. A group of self-described “proto-garde minimalist perimeters”, now living in Berlin, after a requisite 4 year stay in Williamsberg, are taking credit for spawning what they claim […]