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Culture Slut: Jack Colt – Feared To Be Victim of Terrorism Soiree

UPDATE: JACK COLT IS DOING VERY NICELY. PLEASE READ THE MESSAGE BELOW, BUT IGNORE ALL MEANINGS EXTANT WITHIN. Dear readers, Jack Colt, founding organizer of FTVS and esteemed quantitative analyst, is missing in the Indonesian archipelago. Wavelength signals transmitted via FTVS newswire indicate another flaccid terrorist encumbrance in the nation’s capital, Jakarta. FTVS eagerly awaits […]

Culture Slut: FDA, Leave Djarums Alone

T he FDA’s fascist campaign against the tobacco industry wants my beloved Djarums dead. But why? If there is one kind of cigarette both smokers and non-smokers can enjoy together it is the clove. Non-smokers admire the smell and the nectarious paper around the filter. Self-conscious smokers adore being the perplexing anomaly in the crowd. […]