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PSA Slut: FTVS Editors Brawl over Deniz Kurtel, FTVS Output Negatively Affected

Readers, sometimes life throws lemons at you, in which case it is very advisable that you self-medicate with rophynol and reacquaint yourself with PornHub. This past week, FTVS editors found themselves in a mutual lemon, when what started as a groundbreaking and exclusive interview of young female producer Deniz Kurtel escalated into organized warfare at the FTVS […]

Culture Slut: America Loves Animals

America hates animals like Charles Manson loves Jews. The question is this: were a man to fornicate a male horse, is said man indulging in a homosexual act? If a woman suckles a juvenile dog’s lipstick cock, is said woman satiating her pederastic compulsions? What comes first in normed categories: species, gender, or age? Ruminations, […]

Culture Slut: Scholars and Sweet Babies

There typically exists an inverse correlation between an academic’s prominence and the droopiness of his matron’s labia and/or jowls. Slavoj Zizek does more than merely offer an exception to the rule, he sadistically waterboards it in a rusty vat of bull semen. FTVS by no means venerates the Horkheimean, proto-Marxist drivel that Slavvy (as his […]