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TV Slut: Megwin TchiBi

The astute reader remembers FTVS’s avant-garde coverage of the bizarre yet sublime art of inflating various organs of the body with saline injections. The same reader remembers our constantly renewed admiration for all things Nippon, particularly when it involves vaginal play with serpentine sea creatures. Will the Nipponese ever cease to dazzle our pale-colored round-eyes? Will […]

Culture Slut: Sushi (??) and Ice and Everything Nice

The FTVS (???????) constituency is well-acquainted with everything sensible and geometrically discriminating. Perhaps this explains the surging popularity of Jack Colt (????????) in the Nipponese Archipelago. During a recent business trip to Japan (??) — to meet with FTVS angel-investor Masaru Ibuka (???) of course — Mr. Colt found himself splayed on his hotel bed […]

Technology Slut: Tamagochi Menagerie

Tamagochi animals, those interactive digital pets that require their owner’s constant attention – pushing buttons serves as petting and feeding and picking up shit. While most children let theirs die faster than they did their guinea pigs, a few children never learned. These dedicated children are now adults, and most certainly perverts who would do […]

Culture Slut: The Children of Amaterasu

T he excellent VBS documentary Genki and The Art of Eel Porn, following Shane Smith in the streets of Kabukich?, was a catalyst in the thought process behind the creation of FTVS. It was the signal we had been waiting for. It was our piece of toast. The unambiguous sign assuring us that somewhere on […]