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Q&A Slut: Is It Acceptable to (Not) Masturbate on an Airplane?

Thoughtful readers, what is the more benevolent of Fortuna’s gifts? A) Providing mankind with the ability to practice the art of flight via airplane or B) Providing humanity with the capacity to fondle the erogenous musculars and spelunk the coital caverns? In other words, mankind is able to fly, and mankind is able to she-bop […]

Q&A Slut: Answered by FTVS

Does the mess that arises from personal satisfaction oftentimes confound you? Let FTVS and Yahoo Answers help. Please click the link to discover groundbreaking yet opportune strategems for addressing post-coital fluid agglomeration. Please submit your Question of the Week so we can aid you in your navigation of the intricacies of everything.