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Music Slut: Tiga, Sex Or Die

FTVS and Tiga covet a long-lasting and one hundred (100) percent non-sexual relationship extending back to the autumn of 2000. It all began one night at Sona, the illustrious and deceased afterhours located in the erroneously non-European megapolis known as Montreal. A discerning FTVS Senior Editor has shared both the DJ booth and mascara on […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 1st Edition — DJ Poontz

This is the first in a series of exclusive interviews. Exclusive because FTVS has never before interviewed these subjects. Interviews, because we pose mind-arousing catechisms to genealogical emissaries. DJ Poontz, also known as Cristobal Urbina, is Montreal’s most celebrated mahatma. While most vulgarians are predictably looking to trite electronic acts such as Chromeo, Tiga and […]