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Economics Slut: Raj Rajaratnam Declares, “Tase the Fucking Midget!”, Saves Capitalism

Readers, in this age of indecency and acutely sodomizing atheism, it is supremely important that we continue to acknowledge life’s finer offerings, such as midgets and Tasers. None have grasped this maxim of dwarfs and electronic current weaponry with more agility than the corpulent and habitually jolly Indian capitalist, Raj Rajaratnam. RajRaj rightly acknowledged the […]

Culture Slut: The Greatest Challenge of Our Time

Until two weeks ago, Lance Armstrong’s arousing victory over testicular malignancy was the most acceded ‘hero’s journey’ of our time. The grace with which he vanquished billions of pudenda-attacking metastasizers captivated our collective psyche, and defined him as the world’s apotheosis of hope (that is, until the harlequin Obama copyrighted the term). Lance even went […]

Culture Slut: Race in the Age of Obama

There is a specter haunting San Francisco. Until recently, a clear and incontrovertible rule had been justly respected: female-gendered African-Americans between the ages of 30-45, and male-gendered Orientals (jovial appellation, not racism) between the ages of 45-60 years retained an unmitigated monopoly on the Bay Area’s bus driving circuit. It rests exclusively within the province […]