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Art Slut: iPhone Finger Painting

The New Yorker’s designer-bootlicking tongue is soiled inexorably with its latest adulation. In its unyielding allegiance to all things obtrusively bourgeoisie, the magazine resolves to gentrify our purest and most organic art form – fingerpainting. Once the expression of the masses (or of those with at least one finger and something to smear something else […]

Art Slut: Spreadsheet Quilting

M ore and more people have begun intricately coloring Excel spreadsheets, projecting them onto old drive-through screens, and attempting to turn Bill Gates’ monopolistic outrage into a radical liberal art medium. A group of self-described “proto-garde minimalist perimeters”, now living in Berlin, after a requisite 4 year stay in Williamsberg, are taking credit for spawning what they claim […]