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Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 7th Edition – Deniz Kurtel

Readers, this interview tested the extreme limits of lust and erotogenic mutuality. While our readership has come to expect nothing less than the most groundbreaking catechisms and inquests from the brilliant yet seductive FTVS staff, we surprised even ourselves with this dialogue, entering a previously unattainable arena of sexuality and theology. The hedonic, erotic connection […]

Party Slut: RebelRave or Die

As any al-Qaeda operative will tell you, an endorsement from FTVS is more influential than Allah’s consent and seventy two (72) unsullied virgins. FTVS does not endorse al-Qaeda but does genitally and theologically endorse the upcoming RebelRave event in San Francisco on February 26, and perhaps also in Los Angeles the proceeding eve. Even the […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 4th Edition — Lee Coombs

FTVS blatantly reports on the finest subjects in existence, such as Sven Vath circa 1985 and bi-racial Hollywood films. Maintaining this ethical lineage, FTVS hones its sharp sights upon Lee Coombs. This wonder of a human has released records profusely on labels such as Finger Lickin’, Hooj, Lot49 and FAT! Perhaps if you only listen to […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 3rd Edition – Adultnapper

It will surprise no one and was expected by everyone that FTVS would provide groundbreaking coverage of LovEvolution 2009. Of course we interviewed the most respected white men in electronic music. Adultnapper, real name Francis Harris, is both very honkey and very good at making penetrating techno. Labels such as Audiomatique, Bombis, Superfreq, Dirt Crew, […]

Culture Slut: FTVS LovEvolution 2009 Special Report

FTVS’s own Bob Albatross and Jack Colt met again in San Francisco last weekend to cover yet another grandiose display of latent homosexuality and geometric sensitivity at the LovEvolution 2009 in San Francisco. The plan was reasonably simple while not unreasonably nugatory: press registration at 11.30am at 111 Minna Street, attentively study with ethnographic precision […]

Culture Slut: FTVS Exclusive Photo Coverage of the Folsom Street Fair 2009

Editors’ note: The following photographs meticulously document the proceedings of the Folsom Street Fair 2009 in San Francisco. What sets FTVS apart from the rest of the world media is its disciplined attitude towards groundbreaking and truthful coverage which, in many cases, involves the display of multifold penises. For this reason, we must warn our […]

Culture Slut: FTVS Exclusive Coverage of the Folsom Street Fair

Dearest readers, It is no secret that FTVS is a harbinger of etiquette and calculus. Scouring the global earth for narratives of incision and firmness, the FTVS team will do anything to ensure the barometer of journalistic integrity is routinely exploded. Like an orgasm, but with extreme prejudice and pleasure. It is with this lawful […]

Culture Slut: Race in the Age of Obama

There is a specter haunting San Francisco. Until recently, a clear and incontrovertible rule had been justly respected: female-gendered African-Americans between the ages of 30-45, and male-gendered Orientals (jovial appellation, not racism) between the ages of 45-60 years retained an unmitigated monopoly on the Bay Area’s bus driving circuit. It rests exclusively within the province […]

Art Slut: Spreadsheet Quilting

M ore and more people have begun intricately coloring Excel spreadsheets, projecting them onto old drive-through screens, and attempting to turn Bill Gates’ monopolistic outrage into a radical liberal art medium. A group of self-described “proto-garde minimalist perimeters”, now living in Berlin, after a requisite 4 year stay in Williamsberg, are taking credit for spawning what they claim […]