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Party Slut: The Culprit Sessions Return

Australians call it the Sunday Session. Theologically inclined Los Angeleans call it the Culprit Session. Yes, dear reader, your hibernation can end and the water sports can begin. The Rooftop at the Standard Hotel Downtown LA this Sunday becomes once more the fertile hive of sensual sweet babies dancing to a loined musical curation. What’s more, that […]

Music Slut: Ralph Lawson January 2010 Mix

Readers, Mr. Ralph Lawson, honcho of one of the world’s most consistently erogenous record labels, 20:20 Vision, has concocted a delicious mix that will stimulate your coital muscles and your urethral openings. Of course, since FTVS first heard Random Factor’s On the Air EP before the millennial turn, Fortuna’s hermaphroditic boner has remained faithfully orthogonal […]

Travel Slut: The Standard Hotel Downtown LA Unreviewed… Mr. C Uninterviewed… Culprit Manager’s Pink Scarf Stolen by FTVS Intern…

FTVS attempted, as usual, something that has eluded the entire music press for decades: a review of a major Los Angeles hotel accompanied by groundbreaking interviews of a presumably theologically correct palette of individuals on New Year’s Eve 2010. Bob Albatross and I, Jack Colt, decided to inflate the already gargantuan challenge by leaving the […]

Music Slut: NYE 2009/2010, Standard Hotel Review Preview

— God damn it readers, the holiday season left FTVS showered in gifts and golden liquid. As world media outlets reported, FTVS headquartered herself at the Standard Hotel’s Rooftop Bar in Downtown LA on the New Year Evening and New Year Day to sample the offerings of the Culprit family. This sequence of events, extending […]

Music Slut: Culprit Does 2010

Lee Curtiss. Shaun Reeves. Ryan Crosson. Standard Rooftop Bar. What words do these Proper nouns intimate? If they rouse your mind to thoughts of blowjobs and sunglasses and high-fives and Terry Richardson’s muses, then your associational capacities are functioning astutely. And, dear reader, can you envision a worthier method of instantiating the New Year than with […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 6th Edition – Lee Foss

FTVS favorite Lee Foss is surely the most handsome DJ/producer in the world. He also probably makes sex with women that are maybe only imaginary because they are so attractive and penis hemorrhaging. In addition, Lee produces very good music with FTVS intern Jamie Jones under the guise of Hot Natured, is an integral artist […]