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Puta Musical: Silverio Is El New Deadmau5

FTVS is obliged to introduce Bioy Bienduro, FTVS’s official minority correspondent. This is his first piece, after many failed submissions, of course. Buenas tardes, dear readers! Soy Bioy Bienduro de Xochimilco, Mexico. So fresh am I to this great nation del Norte that my pants’ cuffs still waft the Rio Grande’s fecal pungency. En serio, […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 2nd Edition — Little Mike

Little Mike is the most revered man in the Berlin house and techno scene. While that guy at Beatportal continues to fellate the most unexceptional DJs and producers in Berlin, FTVS gains access to the man that is known as the Ronald Reagan of techno. [Editor’s note: please do not comment on how clever this […]

Music Slut: Sven Vath, An Ethical Man

The utility of electronical music does not rest exclusively in its raison d’être as a potent amplifier of self-dosed synthetic and organic molecular treatments. An exigent ambition of the techno sonata is the  proto-pseudonymous role it plays in helping certain members of society incise a firm, athletic epistemology. Sven Vath demonstrates: Based on the evidence […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 1st Edition — DJ Poontz

This is the first in a series of exclusive interviews. Exclusive because FTVS has never before interviewed these subjects. Interviews, because we pose mind-arousing catechisms to genealogical emissaries. DJ Poontz, also known as Cristobal Urbina, is Montreal’s most celebrated mahatma. While most vulgarians are predictably looking to trite electronic acts such as Chromeo, Tiga and […]

Music Slut: German Techno Beards > French Electro Moustaches

The minimal techno craze has not gone unnoticed by the cultural sentinels of FTVS. While today’s frat boy and sorority girl youth are not alright, overdosing and date raping to a NuNRG/electro (yes, extensive groundbreaking research conducted by IRCLA concludes they are analogous) soundtrack, the kids shall soon recuperate and succumb to Germany’s Herzhaft offerings. […]