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Music Slut: Sycophant Slags “Keep Off”, Featuring the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta

FTVS paramours Adultnapper and Mr. C today released their newest collaboration as the Sycophant Slags. This suavely inebriated rocker features the highly-sexed Mr. C’s vocals spreading themselves across Adultnapper’s carnal compression, not unlike a seasoned prostitute taking a stroll on L. Ron Hubbard’s spaceship. Ariel Danziger is in command of the video, and is quickly […]

Music Slut: Sven Vath, An Ethical Man

The utility of electronical music does not rest exclusively in its raison d’être as a potent amplifier of self-dosed synthetic and organic molecular treatments. An exigent ambition of the techno sonata is the  proto-pseudonymous role it plays in helping certain members of society incise a firm, athletic epistemology. Sven Vath demonstrates: Based on the evidence […]

Culture Slut: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

You see, a pious litmus test for ecumenical sagacity can be found in the subtler tones of how one presents him or herself while in the public eye – it is not about minute violations of societal norms (such as murder or touching strippers). FTVS’s interminable search for decency, and, alternatively, exposure and castigation of […]

Music Slut: German Techno Beards > French Electro Moustaches

The minimal techno craze has not gone unnoticed by the cultural sentinels of FTVS. While today’s frat boy and sorority girl youth are not alright, overdosing and date raping to a NuNRG/electro (yes, extensive groundbreaking research conducted by IRCLA concludes they are analogous) soundtrack, the kids shall soon recuperate and succumb to Germany’s Herzhaft offerings. […]