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Economics Slut: Beastial Government Stimulus

In a profane effrontery to decency and theology, the US government continues burning stimulus money with wanton disregard for tax payers and forest creatures alike. Though many of our fanatical readers may think this is to be expected in today’s United Socialist States of America, FTVS refuses to sit mute, dumb and idle. Helen Keller, […]

Economics Slut: FTVS’s Loan Broker

As consummate financial specialists, FTVS staff is privy to extremely untoxic loans and asset movements, and is highly involved in fiscal policy setting and analysis. Jack Welch is often calling the FTVS office line for hortatory counsel. Timothy Geitner is perhaps a member of the FTVS editorial board. Kip “Friedman” Penn, as the lead monitor […]