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Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 4th Edition — Lee Coombs

FTVS blatantly reports on the finest subjects in existence, such as Sven Vath circa 1985 and bi-racial Hollywood films. Maintaining this ethical lineage, FTVS hones its sharp sights upon Lee Coombs. This wonder of a human has released records profusely on labels such as Finger Lickin’, Hooj, Lot49 and FAT! Perhaps if you only listen to […]

Music Slut: Exclusive Interview of the Year 3rd Edition – Adultnapper

It will surprise no one and was expected by everyone that FTVS would provide groundbreaking coverage of LovEvolution 2009. Of course we interviewed the most respected white men in electronic music. Adultnapper, real name Francis Harris, is both very honkey and very good at making penetrating techno. Labels such as Audiomatique, Bombis, Superfreq, Dirt Crew, […]

Culture Slut: America Loves Animals

America hates animals like Charles Manson loves Jews. The question is this: were a man to fornicate a male horse, is said man indulging in a homosexual act? If a woman suckles a juvenile dog’s lipstick cock, is said woman satiating her pederastic compulsions? What comes first in normed categories: species, gender, or age? Ruminations, […]